In the parallel era, frequent wars,
all types of pollution, exhausted resources, chaotic climate...

Since when, the original beautiful planet losts its brilliance and vitality, and was on the verge of collapse. People are struggling to explore and seek new life in harsh environments. However, there are many impurities mixed in the air that make it impossible for humans to breathe freely. If they can't breathe, they lose their ability to explore and their chance to survive.
When breathing has become something that requires courage to complete, human beings never give up hope for life. They used cleverness and intelligence to develop a filter that can be worn on the nose to filter out impurities in the air. With filters, humans are free to forge ahead and continue the path of discovery.
However, the road of exploration is long and lonely, and human beings always yearn for warmth. They therefore created a robot pet named BB and gave it various skills. Although BB can't speak, it is the most loyal companion of human beings. It accompanies people to grow up in life, share happiness & sadness, never leave, and never betray.

Humans and BB try to reconstruct Brave New World together. They relearn how to live in harmony naturally, how to make friends with animals, how to enjoy sports, how to love themselves, and how to love the whole world as if they were themselves, how to let go of standpoints and learn to unite. Human beings are selfish, but also selfless; human beings are cowardly, but brave. The path of exploration that belongs to human beings will never be blocked by time and space, and human beings will never stop. Because they believe that as long as they breathe, their traces of existence will never be erased.

Our signature NFT collection will released in 2023.

FUKA BB owners are contributors and key stakeholders in our community, which comes with many unique benefits.

  • Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP
  • Original monthly ArtDrops from select artwork
  • Exclusive access to your 4k x 4k file NFT
  • Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high potential collections
  • Owners-only raffles and discounts
  • Invite to online & offline events
  • PHASE 1

    Start of Development

    Project Funded

    PHASE 2
    Soft Launch
    FUKA BB soft launched

    PHASE 3

    Private Sale
    White-listed invitations will be sent out

    PHASE 4

    Official Launch
    Launch of first 4000 FUKA BB NFT

    PHASE 5

    FUKA BB 2.0 Soft Launch




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